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CREALOGIX Java Team: Allmost feature complete

We just released a new version that contains almost all of the required features.
URL ist still
You can help us be testing the application and adding bug reports as comments to this post.

Features that require more testing are for example

CREALOGIX Java Team: 2nd and last Release for today

We have deployed a new version of our CafMan implementation on


New features in this release are

  • Drinking coffee!
  • Administration coffee kitties
  • Statistics & Highscores
  • Notification when your caffeine level drops below a configured limit
  • various fixes.

Have fun!


CREALOGIX Java Team: 1st Release

The first release of our Caffeine Manager application is now running at Working features of this release are:

  • Registration
  • Creation of Coffee Kitties
  • Administration of Coffee Kitties
  • Search for Coffee Kitties
  • Apply for membership
  • Accept or reject members
  • Here is a short video of our setup yesterday evening: