Waking up

Team Exxeta's lavalamp is finally awake and blobs of wax are rising and falling. Together with it, the teams have warmed up and  talk fills the Plat_forms rooms again. After a night of rest, everyone arrived around 8 o'clock, booted their computers and started working again.

Up until now the rooms had been filled with quiet that felt more sleepy than concentrated. This has changed now and the teams are in full work mode again.

Lava lamp

CREALOGIX Java Team: 2nd and last Release for today

We have deployed a new version of our CafMan implementation on


New features in this release are

  • Drinking coffee!
  • Administration coffee kitties
  • Statistics & Highscores
  • Notification when your caffeine level drops below a configured limit
  • various fixes.

Have fun!


CREALOGIX Java Team: 1st Release

The first release of our Caffeine Manager application is now running at Working features of this release are:

  • Registration
  • Creation of Coffee Kitties
  • Administration of Coffee Kitties
  • Search for Coffee Kitties
  • Apply for membership
  • Accept or reject members
  • Here is a short video of our setup yesterday evening:

Plat_Forms 2012 announcement is out

The Plat_Forms 2012 rev. 2 announcement and the Application Form are out. Applications for Plat_Forms 2012 will be accepted until Fri 2012-09-07.

We are looking forward to your applications!

Plat_Forms 2012 rev. 2 to be held on October 9-10 2012

We are happy to announce, that we will give Plat_Forms 2012 a second try: Plat_Forms 2012 rev. 2 will be held on October 9-10, 2012 on the campus of the Freie Universität Berlin in Berlin.

We will return to our origins and the focus will be on “classic” web applications again. We will however perform some small but far-reaching changes. For that we thank you all for your constructive feedback. More details can be found at

We are looking forward to hearing from you, preferably of course with a team application ;). The application form for that will be finished in the next few days.

For the Plat_Forms organizers,

Ulrich Stärk

makandra's Plat_Forms 2011 post mortem

We published a post mortem for our Plat_Forms participation on our blog:

mindworks team publishes report on their experience


Better late than never. You'll find mindworks' report on:

It's in German though...

Plat_Forms 2011 - 3 weeks later...

Looking back at the Plat_Forms contest on January 18th and 19th, we can proudly say that it was a huge success. The feedback we received was overall positive with just a little criticism here and there, mostly regarding the interviews we conducted during the contest.

Perl Ecosystem Group - looking back a week later

A week ago I was sitting in a room in Nürnberg coding away on the Plat_Forms
2011 contest.  It's now time for me to collect my thoughts and consider how
well the Perl Ecosystem Group did or didn't do.

Our group was probably different from all the others in that before arriving
in Nürnberg none of us had ever met any of the other members of the team.
(Actually, that's not true - Rob tells me that we were both at the Nordic Perl
Workshop in Stockholm in 2008, but I'm afraid that much to my shame I don't

Shadowcat lessons learned report

The Shadowcat (Perl) team's lead Matt Trout has put together a report by the title of "Plat_Forms redux".

It is consists mostly of Perl-ish technical considerations but also has some interesting methodological and general statements. And it is pretty witty.