Nearing the end: Packaging

Still no panic.

90 minutes before the end of the contest, we told the teams to remember that they must finish packaging and ZIPing their solution before 18:00. (The requirement says to send an email containing the checksum of the ZIP file by that time). Several teams promptly finished their development and went into the packaging phase without any signs of wrath, depression, or panic.

Cool, folks!

Impressions 2: Containers and tools

I bet that 78% of all readers had the wrong association when they saw the title of this post.

Here come some photos of the participants' containers and tools:

Impressions 1

Better late than never: Here are a few photos from the contest to give those poor non-participants some idea of what it looks like and the tired participants some material for reminiscing with their grandchildren.

Who said software developers don't collaborate?

It is not true.

mindworks PHP implementation of CaP version 2 is available for preview - please help to locate bugs

Hello again,

we just released version 2 of the Plat_Forms project "CaP (Conferences and Paricipants)" done by the mindworks GmbH team in PHP (symfony 1.4 and Doctrine 1.2)

mindworks PHP implementation of CaP version 1 is available for preview - please help to locate bugs


Greetings from Nürnberg,

the current state of the implementation of the Plat_Forms project "CaP (Conferences and Paricipants)" done by the mindworks GmbH team is now available for the public.

Please have a look at

You can help us to locate bugs and/or find usability flaws (although we probably won't have time to fix those).

Team numbering

In case you were wondering what teams hide behind the letters you might have encountered, here is the mapping:

Prototypes online

In case you wonder, these are the prototype solutions that are currently publicly visible. In alphabetical order (which is the order in which teams have registered for the contest in the past months):

Found on the web


Day 2: Good morning!

Ten minutes ago (it is now exactly 8:00), I intended to write something like "The room is filling quickly with the refreshed teams". But not only can we not yet assess the refreshed-ness of the teams, the filling-up part is also not quite true: The official start of the contest's day 2 is here, but only five of the teams are!

It looks like they are not panicked. (As of 8:10, add another four partial teams.)

Team A (Cordys) starts server and goes to sleep

The results of our first day's work are now online at We are looking forward to your bug reports and comments.

Good night!