Are there sleepy platforms?

Sleep is approaching. More precisely: some of our teams are approaching sleep. Still more precisely, the first team left at 21:50, the second one left at 22:55, still an hour before the official nightbreak.

Now here is a good one: Assume you have 16 teams from four-and-a-half different platforms and the first two teams to leave for the night are both from the same platform. What do you think? Is this a platform characteristic?

And the second question is obviously: Which of our platforms would this be? (Please take a guess.)


...all my troubles seemed so far away.

This is what the room looked like yesterday around 14:00 before the teams arrived:

Plat_Forms 2011 contest room on 14:00, Jan 17

and this is what it looked some time today, after the contest had started (photo taken in the exact opposite direction):

Plat_Forms 2011 contests room on day 1

Funny episodes

A few strange, singular, or funny events have also happened along the way. For instance:

In full swing

After about 9 hours, we have of course long passed phase 3, the time of lots of keyboard sounds where people lay the groundwork of they product without much verbal communication, and have entered the looong phase 4, a varying mix of many things:

whut is dis faith book?

Yes yes yes yes, ok ok ok ok. We were a bit retarded, social-media-wise. We had a (rather bare-bones) Facebook page for a while but did not put a Like button on our homepage -- yet.

But no longer. Please look at the bottom of the left sidebar and like us.

A bit of live webcam

The Typo3 Association team has agreed to move they webcam a bit so that more of the room is visible on it.

Here is the image (updated once a minute until, er, some time):

Plat_Forms 2011 live webcam (courtesy of Netlogix)

This big room has three rows of four teams. (The four remaining teams sit in a small room just across the corridor.) You see here (more or less) all four teams of row 1 and the first two-and-a-half teams of row 2.

Brutal transparency

Whether it is a requirement imposed by their significant others, an attempt at becoming enormously famous, or simply a "not afraid of looking stressed" attitude we may never know.

sample data slightly broken

For the fellow contestants:

Despite its appearance on the first look, data.txt is not digestable as simple JSON, at least not to the implementation uses. It is necessary to first split at the comma on line 270 to receive two chunks for users respectively categories, then deserialise them into data structures seperately.

You also may elect to apply these fixes:

# sanity
dos2unix data.txt

# proper encoding
iconv -f Windows-1252 -t UTF-8  data.json

# fix copy/paste accident
perl -i -lpe'

Twitter: #Plat_Forms

Just in case you wonder: Yes, our participants do twitter quite a bit. Find they tweets under search term... no, stop. Before you look, make a quick guess which platform attracts the most traffic: Java? Perl? PHP? Ruby? 


OK, now check at Twitter under search term #Plat_Forms.

Started. Phase 1. Phase 2.

Plat_Forms 2011 has now started.

We finished the introductory presentation at about 9:20 and handed out the task specifications (which will be published when the contest is over). The contest then went into its phase 1: The time of quiet reading. One could hear the proverbial pin drop.

By now we are already in phase 2: The time of requirements-related discussion within the teams. Sounds a bit like a crowded hotel lobby.

Phase 3, the time of massive keyboard usage, is not too far away.