First crisis mastered

Did I say everything went smoothly? Yes. Except that the Internet connectivity was down about half the time yesterday...

More to come

We hope to be blogging all day during the contest.

Expect about a dozen messages today and another dozen tomorrow. Or so. Use the RSS feed to stay tuned!

Prepared to start

The preparations for the start of the contest tomorrow morning went smoothly.

When we arrived at half past one today, one team was already there and the others arrived one by one, the last one an hour ago.

Now we have the peace and quiet that only a few dozen content programmers can produce who know that

  1. their computers are nearby and
  2. no manager is anywhere close, nor will be anytime soon.

A beautiful atmosphere.

See you again tomorrow!

New sponsor - ICANS GmbH

You can find a German version below. Eine deutsche Version finden Sie weiter unten.

We are happy to welcome the ICANS GmbH ( as a new sponsor for Plat_Forms.

Since its establishment in 2007, the ICANS GmbH develops and technically operates the online community The operating company of this community is Swerford Holdings Limited, located in Gibraltar.

In the context of our daily work on highly scalable software solutions for online communities, ICANS is continuously looking for talented employees, a lively exchange with other experts as well as new and ground-breaking approaches. Therefore, ICANS is glad about the opportunity to support Plat_Forms.

We look forward to our cooperation!


Team selection completed

We are happy to announce that we accepted the applications of 15 teams for 4 platforms for Plat_Forms 2011, 6 more teams and 1 more platform than in 2007.

The teams admitted to the contest are (in alphabetical order):

For Java (out of 4 applications):

For Perl (out of 3 applications):

Application deadline extended

Today is the official closing date for Plat_Forms 2010 applications. Since we are still waiting for a few applications to arrive we decided to extend the application period until December 8th, 2010. The announcement date (December 10th) won't change.

Everyone who hasn't send us their application yet: Do it now! ;-)

Ulrich Stärk

Status Update

Dear Plat_Forms enthusiasts,

the last announcement was some time ago so we thought that you might be interested to know what is going on in Plat_Forms land.

Since the official announcement of Plat_Forms 2011 in October we are actively promoting Plat_Forms in the media, in interest groups and through our personal contacts. We currently have 5 binding requests for admittance (3 Java, 1 Perl, 1 JavaScript) and 7 outstanding (3 Ruby, 2 PHP, 1 .NET), i.e. teams have stated their intent to participate but haven't handed in a request for admittance yet.

We'd be glad if you used your contacts as well in order to promote Plat_Forms! Also, if you haven't filed your request for admittance yet, do it now! ;).

Application phase is open!

Teams wishing to participate in the 2011 instance of Plat_Forms may now apply for admission to the contest. This requires sending a short description of your team and the technology you intend to use. We will try to select the most capable teams from among the applications and will accept up to four (and at least three) teams for each platform. Details and the application form can be found at the Plat_Forms 2011 announcement page. Make sure to apply before 2010-11-30!

A Meta-Announcement

To all of you who can't wait to get news about the upcoming Plat_Forms contest ;-)

This is just a quick notice that we will publish detailed information about the contest next week, including how to apply, what to expect, what to bring and how the contest will be carried out.


Ulrich Stärk

Contest will be January 18th to 19th

We are pleased to announce that the contest dates for the 2011 execution of Plat_Forms are set now. The contest will take place on January 18th and 19th in Nürnberg, so mark the date in your calendar! The exact location in Nürnberg is still to be determined and will be announced shortly.

Shortly, we will also publish information about the application process to become a participating team in the Plat_Forms contest, so stay tuned.

Ulrich Stärk