Result report has come out

Hello everybody,

the results of the evaluation of the Plat_Forms 2007 contest have now been published.

Find a summary (recommended!), a short presentation, and the lengthy full report (recommended!) on page Results.

Feel free to discuss contest, report and results in the comments part of this blog entry. No registration is required.

  Lutz Prechelt

journal of team1

For our colleagues in Geneva, but also for you bloggers, we have put together a report on what happened within team1 during the contest.

1. Journal

See you in 2009

The abaXX Team likes to thank the organizers and the other participients. The task was really interesting and the preparation  was very good. We have enjoyed pariticipating in this contest and are eagerly waiting for the results.

See you in 2009

Bernhard Moser

Dirk Feufel

Harald Gliebe

Check your prejudices' predictive power

Alvar Freude, the Perl platform representative, who was present throughout the contest, found that most teams looked "typical" for what he would expect a team using that platform to look like.

To see whether this is really true (and to pass his idle time), he prepared a set of photos of each team (and even their flipchart) in the following way:

It's all over. It's over? No!

The live phase of the contest is now over.

All nine teams have delivered a solution in time.

Their servers are now down (because they were the teams' own hardware) and so the solutions can currently not be tried out any more. At some point in the future, we may make them available again publicly on an FU Berlin server, but when that will happen depends on how the evaluation progresses (which we do not know yet). In the not-too-distant future we will also put up for public perusal the source code distributions that the teams have put together.

it's over ... what next

[dami from team1]

Nice to be home, after a good night of sleep ... but my head is still partly in Nuremberg, thinking of what went well (quite a lot of things), and what could have been better (a couple of lessons learned). I'll post about those thoughts a bit later ... for the moment, I am trying to focus on the next thing to do, namely refreshing the voice and remembering all my texts for singing Rossini, Schubert and Spohr tonight. So I'm not yet over with stress !

Team3 (abaxx) burns CD.

Hi out there!

So, we are now burning the CD...finished everything.

Went quite well, unfortunatelly we found some bugs at the end we could not fix anymore....but it is not so easy to concentrate after 30 hours.

Our statistics:

- Drunk Red Bull: 6 cans
- Slept (totally): 11 hours
- Went to toilette (totally): 22 times
- Lines of Code: No idea!
- Got "D"s (which means we where developing when the supervisers come): "A lot"

Cheers out there!

The requirements document: Here it is

For all those of you who want to take a real close look at the precise task the participants are trying to solve, here are the three files we gave the participants:

team2 announces next (official) public version

Hi folks,

we updated our preview server continuously the past hours.  Now we announce an official public version.

What should work:

Some night and sleeping statistics

Here is some information about when the teams as a whole decided to sleep, that is, when none of the team members were in the contest room. The data is a little misleading because some teams left and arrived all at once, while other teams send some members to go sleeping while others continued working. But even the team6 members all had some sleep.

Team absence during the night