Teams' expectations of solution completeness

At about 10:00 I went around and asked each team to prepare a rough estimate of what fraction (in percent) of the functional requirements they expect to implement until the end of the contest (15:00), separately by requirements category.

Here are the results:


Web-Service Testers wanted!

Good morning,

We just finished and deployed the SOAP interface to our application. Since we've only done a little testing on this services we are looking for testers and feedback.


Thanks & happy testing!

your abaXX Team

team1: new relase

Team1 has a new release.

Many bug fixes (but still many other to work at).

New form for searching related PbT members.

Enjoy :

Team3 (abaXX) out (of bed) now!


so finally we took it to. We put one version, we created in the night, for the public preview.

Have a look at Pls test and comment!

...and look forward to our next version!

Our physical status: Got some sleep...but not enough!


team1 back to work

So we are back to work after about 2 hours sleep ... even such a short break was good to take.

We now will first work on a bugfix release, to be delivered early in the morning. Then we will spend the rest of the day adding as much functionality as we can ... knowing that the 100% target is unreachable until 15:00.

Meeting people 2: The others

Want some more faces? We have left: The process observers, the organizer, the customer, the network admins, and one particularly enthusiastic member of the contest committee. Here they are:

The network administrators

Carsten Schäuble and Phil Schmidt

The process observers

Peter Ertel, Will Hardy, and Florian Thiel

Meeting people 1: The teams

It's not exactly eye candy, but maybe you would still like to know who are our participants? Here we go:

The Java Teams

abaXX (team3)

Accenture (team4)

What it looks like in the contest room

We thought you might want to know. No fancy 360 degree panorama today, but at least these two shots:

team2 is out!

As Lutz Prechelt promised , "software engineers tend to be somewhat optimistic when it comes to estimates, that means it will still take a while".  But we're running, too!

What is working:

  • Registration (with data validation)
  • Login
  • Logout
  • Session management
  • A lot in the background ;).

See it live at

Design issues will come soon, but that's not relevant at the moment.

release 2 from team1

Still a nice collection of bugs, and a huge collection of missing features -- but a least a nice new look.

See the latest release of team1 at

(and thanks for the comments)