Second Release OXID Team

Ok we fixed most of the reported bugs and finished the TTT Survey.

Database reseted so please register again for an login an test most as possible.

[Update: 00:50] some small fixes are online ...

first release by team1

Hello folks,

Team1 (Etat de Genève / Optaros) just published their first release. We implemented so far :

  • registration and login (including checks about duplicate entries)
  • cookie as session id
  • management of temperament tests (seeing previous tests - taking a new test).

We didn't focus too much on the look and feel, neither on data validation - be patient, it will improve.

Here is the address :

Did you know what you are missing... not participating in Plat_Forms?

We have a beautiful atmosphere here.

Find below a few impressions of the setting in the contest room and in the rest of the Open Source meets Business conference site.

First Release OXID Team

Hoi folks,

as promised we make our first public release. Actually not much is there - just the pages which will be used, login is working, and registering a new user is working. Editing, Saving, etc. everything else is just faked.