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The Teams 2011

We accepted the applications of 15 teams for 4 platforms for Plat_Forms 2011, 6 more teams and 1 more platform than in 2007.

The teams admitted to the contest are (in alphabetical order):

For Java (out of 4 applications):

For Perl (out of 3 applications):

For PHP (out of 7 applications):

For Ruby (out of 5 applications):

In addition admitted one team noncompetitively: We had a single application of a team, Upstream Agile, that will work with JavaScript on both the server and the client side. Since this might become a major trend in coming years, we consider their participation a glimpse of the future and accept this team even though no others with this platform have applied. The results of the JavaScript platform will be treated specially in the evaluation.

We did not apply such special treatment to established platforms. When those had fewer than three qualified applications we did not admit them to the contest -- as we had announced. This fate overtook .NET (which saw 1 application), Python (which saw 2) and TCL (which saw 1).