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Contest Committee 2007

Contest Committee 2007

The jury for selecting teams and for nominating the best solution on each platform.

The Contest Committee 2007 was responsible for selecting the teams and for nominating the best solution on each platform.

In 2007, the committee consisted of the organizers and one representative of each platform, namely

  • Lutz Prechelt (organizer, Freie Universität Berlin, Chairman)
  • Matthias Berhorst (Java representative, Accenture)
  • Alvar Freude (Perl representative, German Perl Workshop)
  • Jürgen Langner (PHP representative, Zend)
  • Eduard Heilmayr (organizer, OpenSource Meets Business conference)
  • Jürgen Seeger (organizer, 'iX magazine)
  • Richard Seibt (organizer, LBCN)

The contest committee had two tasks:

  1. Before the contest: Deciding which teams will be allowed into the contest if there are more than three requests for participation for any one platform.
    • Each member reviewed the short, 3-page requests for admittance submitted by each team and try to identify the most competent teams.
    • Each member voted for the teams he deemed most competent. Platform representatives were only allowed to vote for teams using their respective platform.
  2. After the evaluation: Deciding which team deserves the award for the best solution on their respective platform.
    • The evaluation was performed by a scientific team at Freie Universität Berlin.
    • The evaluation results were laid out and discussed in a detailed report.
    • The Contest Committee interpreted the results, weighed the pros and cons of each solution, and nominated one of the three solutions on each platform as the best one on this platform.
    • There was no overall contest winner (and no plan to have one at any point in time). Here's why: the purpose of the contest is obtaining neutral information about the pros and cons of each platform. The relative weight of these pros and cons is strongly project-dependent. Electing the one best contest solution would be mis-interpreted by many as nominating the one best platform. That would be nonsense and we hence want to avoid it.