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Plat_Forms - The web development platform comparison


Welcome to the official website of Plat_Forms - The web development platform comparison

"Plat_Forms" is a contest and competition in which top-class teams of three programmers compete to implement the same requirements for a web-based system within two days, using different technology platforms (e.g. Java, .NET, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, Smalltalk, JavaScript or what-have-you).

Its purpose is not to determine "the" best platform, but rather to provide new insights into the real (rather than purported) pros, cons, and emergent properties of each platform. The evaluation will analyze many aspects of each solution, both external (scalability, functionality, reliability, security, performance, etc.) and internal (structure, modularity, understandability, flexibility, etc.).

Plat_Forms 2012 is over. We will keep you up to date with the evaluation progress. The task document is now available for the general public at The Task 2012.



when to you plan to publish the task document for 2011?



It's now more than half a year later and still no results. At least it would be nice to read a comment on the start page that no results where available and hopefully a possible due date.

More than half a year has passed. The comment list is full of spam and bullshit. Looks like someone is evaluating very serious as mentioned above - even the comment list.
To be honest. It looks to me as if a bunch of students has had a good idea and in the meantime finished their studies. Maybe they take their work serious. But it seems it's not or no more related with this website.
Too bad for all the teams who took their work really serious. To all other people I would say: Stop wasting your time.

If I am wrong and you are still in evaluation and also take this website and it's posting serious, feel free to reply to or delete this comment. I'll come back from time to time and have a look.




sorry for my incredibly bad communication skills and not taking care of the spam.

This is basically a one-man-show with the help of two students and yes, I'm still working on the evaluation. Just keep in mind, we had 16 teams, each implementing 143 UI requirements and 32 web service requirements. Given that we have two judges evaluating the requirements, that adds up to 4576 requirements to be evaluated for the UI alone. Additionally there were 512 disagreements between the two judges that needed to be settled. And this is only for the completeness evaluation. There were even more time consuming things to do like evaluating the 4656 interviews (48 developers, one micro-interview each, every 15 minutes) we conducted during the contest. We are talking about a lot of data here.

But stay tuned, we'll publish the results shortly.



It would have helped, if you would have posted this information a little bit sooner :-)
As there was spam instead of such an information on the info site, the site looked abandoned to me and I assumed the project must have been dead by then.

I yet read the article on and found the result I was hoping for - ruby rules ;-)

I only can encourage you to inform people at the time you figured you can't keep a specific deadline. Nobody will blame you, for doing your job - especially not if you volunteered. Most times things do not work out as expected and in the computer universe most times they take longer ;-)

Thanks for your work and again sorry for me being to too impatient.